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Welcome to IPMS Region 11 website

Coordinator, Jim Stepanek
Email: IMcrazyjim@aol.com

Calendar of Events


January 28                South Florida Scale Model Consortium, Lake Worth

February 10              First Coast, Jaxcon, Jacksonville

February 24              FAST/Marion County Tax Collector, Ocala

March 3                     Flight 19, Pompano Beach

March 4                     FAST/Manatee Car Show, Crystal River

March 10                   FAST/Billetproof, Ocala

March 24                   Wings, Wheels, & Keels, Venice
April 7-8                    Space Coast Region 11 Contest, Melbourne

May                            FAST/Citrus County Library, Beverly Hills

June 16                      Polk Area Model Society PAMScon, Lakeland


Club Meetings - they are covered IF the club requests a certificate of insurance naming the chapter and the venue where the meetings are being held.  The insurance company uses the verbage "term of the policy" rather than specific dates, giving the chapter the option to change a date if need be.  No form is requiredfor meeting insurance, just an email with the appropriate information sent to Marie Van Schoonhoven manager@ipmsusa.org

Event Insuance - if a chapter is having an event/contest/display we can obtain a certificate of insurance covering the chapter and the venue where the event is being held.  The chapter needs to compete the event submission form on the website, get approval from their RC and then the DLC.  Once this is done, the DLC forwards a copy of the form to me for insurance and C Bucholtz to have the event listed in the journal.  T he DLC will place the event on the website event calenda r.

Here is the link for the Event Submission Form: http://ipmsusa.org/events/event_form.asp

eboard Q&A

June 19, 2016 - IPMS/USA Executive Board Responses to Region 11 Questions